10 Online Mindfulness Activities You Can Host

10 Online Mindfulness Activities You Can Host W Shanghai - The Bund

While we may not be able to meet face-to-face now, it doesn’t mean we can’t stay connected with each other. Consider planning online events and virtual group hangouts with your teams and clients remotely to maintain physical and mental well being. Keep your mind, body, and soul active, healthy, and productive with virtual activities that will help to engage all parties and promote positivity. Here are some ideas for your next online event. 

1) Sing Your Hearts Out & Dance the Stress Away

Music has the magical ability to connect with us at an emotional level and improve our mental wellbeing. Organize a karaoke session online and sing your heart out or have an online party like W Shanghai – The Bund where DJs live-streamed dance music to their online event guests and danced the stress away together. To complete the party vibe, guests were given a mocktail recipe to try at home. For those who are more musically inclined, consider having a virtual jamming session as well. Record an acoustic version of a classic song or compose a new piece together. Those spending a relaxing afternoon together can take a trip back to their favorite island vacation listening to Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino’s “Aruba Marriott Island Tunes, a specially curated playlist with some of its favorite island tunes.

2) Share a Meal Together

Having a conversation over a shared meal has psychological and social benefits. It helps us relax and improve our mental health. Break up the long workday by having scheduled lunch meals together. Consider inviting special guests as an incentive for the team to join. You can also utilize online resources and organize cooking lessons like some of Marriott’s hotels in China.  Join talented executive chefs from renowned Marriott hotels weekly and learn how to cook healthy dishes from your own kitchen. Follow our Marriott Bonvoy Events WeChat to find out more.

3) Get Artsy, Get Crafty

Focusing and engaging in arts and craft activities can help stimulate the brain while creating a state of calm and ease. Get your team to design and sketch a fun product within 30 minutes or put together a collage of their favorite moments from the last year. You can also turn it into a challenge where participants are only allowed to use items found in the kitchen or things that are recycled for an extra environmental touch. Use this time to learn new skills together like knitting, origami, or a new dance routine through online workshops. 

4) Embark on Virtual Cultural Adventures

Go on an enriching cultural trip with your team by taking advantage of on-demand cultural content around the world. Many institutions such as museums, gardens, galleries, and concert halls are opening their doors virtually so that people can enjoy live-streamed performances and virtual tours without leaving their homes. Preserve the local culture and enjoy the Russian ballet, Broadway musicals, or Italian operas that you have always wanted to go see with your group. 

5) Host Tasting Session and Virtual Happy Hour

Host a coffee, tea or wine tasting where individuals have to share what they taste in terms of flavor, aroma, or body. You can also have each person share their favorite cocktail and learn how to make them together as a social bonding session. For a more casual downtime, host a virtual happy hour! These kinds of activities give employees a chance to interact with each other without thinking about work. You can even find free pub quizzes online or just create your own! 

6) Play Games in a Virtual Hangout

Enhance online social bonding time with engaging games such as jeopardy, charades, or quiz nights. These types of games are not only fun but can help train the brain and make the participants feel closer together. There are many online games and apps to make online group hang out more fun. For offline game ideas, get your team to participate in online challenges and compete with each other. 

7) Set a Time to Engage and Discuss 

Organize a sort-of book club and have discussions about the theme, symbolism, characters, and ideas on a pre-selected book, movie, TED talk, or podcasts through video. Engage the brain and gain new perspectives with the team. For a more laid back session, have a movie party to watch a comedy or something light-hearted. Laughter is the best medicine and can soothe tension, lift moods, and improve the overall immune system. 

8) Bring Your Pet to Work

Pets are very good at helping us relax and maintain mental wellness. Simply petting a dog or watching a fish swim in a tank can help to melt your worries away. Share this joy by having an online pet meet up where your participants can have a mini show and tell of their pets before an online meeting. 

9) Sweat It Out

Doing exercise, especially after a long day of being stationary, is so good for your body and mind. Relieve stress, improve memory, and promote physical health through online exercise sessions. Schedule an online fitness class to do together with your teammates. You can also coordinate a time for group meditation through ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) videos or by having a group leader lead a relaxing gathering as a way for teams to regroup and recharge even when physically distant. 

10) Give Back to the Community

Host a virtual fundraising event for a particular charity that aligns with your company values. Organize an online bid or auction for gift rewards, products from your company, or special shows. Get employees to finish a particular challenge as a way to fundraise. You can also have volunteering sessions that can be done online such as translation services or lending a listening ear. volunteering together can provide a sense of purpose among employees and cultivate a healthy working culture.