3 Golden Rules for Staying Connected with Event Participants


3 Golden Rules for Staying Connected with Event Participants Sheraton Resort, Bali

Post-event communication is often overlooked, as it is easy to miss the value it can bring for the industry. Staying connected with event participants after an event will enable you to nurture your leads, obtain more feedback to improve future events and ultimately encourage participation for the next event. Read on for 3 Golden Rules for Staying Connected With Your Event Participants After the Event:


1. Collect Feedback Strategically

Encouraging attendees to submit feedback after an event is an essential step for maintaining communication with them, while providing you with valuable information that can only be perceived from a guest’s perspective. Make it easy for them to do so by maximizing convenience, this could be done for example by providing a QR code at physical touchpoints throughout the event that links to the event website or app.

Timing is crucial for this step, as waiting for too long could mean that the excitement around the event has died down and key emotional sentiments have subsided. Collecting this information either during or right after the event is optimal as elements of the evening would still be fresh in the audience’s mind, thereby enabling them to provide you with more valuable and insightful comments.

To maximize productivity while you have the audience’s attention, input strategic calls to action in feedback forms that entice guests to sign up for email newsletters and follow your social media pages so that you can directly deliver marketing campaigns to them. To encourage submissions, offer an incentive for doing so, such as an invitation to the next event or a discount for your services.


2. Harness the Power of Social Media

Making use of social media is essential in today’s day and age in order to maintain a connection with large audiences. Promoting an event hashtag on your page and tagging attendees in pictures is an effective way to drive visits to your page and increase your reach. Additionally, you can opt for expanding into email marketing by creating engaging newsletters that showcase your most successful events of the month to generate additional buzz around the occasions.

To foster your guests’ engagement, consider setting up a designated area or backdrop for social-media photo ops at the event and encourage event participants to follow your page as they post their pictures! To further capitalize on this opportunity, organize a mini contest encouraging guests to share their images with an event specific hashtag and ask audiences to vote for which image is their favourite. Offer a small prize or incentive for the winner as a souvenir of their accomplishment and a warm memoir of the evening. This will generate buzz and positive sentiment on social media channels for the event. Marriott has numerous designs, templates and boards in our inventory for you to use and our event set-up team can handle the logistics for you.

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3. Create Networking Opportunities

Organizing follow up networking opportunities, either virtually or in person, is not only a good way for you to maintain contact with event participants but is also a way for them to stay in touch with each other – thereby creating a community around your events. Hosting more intimate functions throughout the year can open a gateway of opportunities for your business, as smaller groups would enable you to engage more personally with potential clients and create a stronger lasting impression in their minds. The functions could simply entail of coffee or drinks and be held in a smaller, more casual setting compared to the large-scale event. In order to facilitate relationship building, consider centring the function around a mutual interest and invite specific target groups that resonate with the purpose of the evening.

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In conclusion, maintaining genuine relationships with participants after an event is as crucial as establishing them during the event. It can create invaluable opportunities for future occasions and open doors to new customer bases, enabling you to achieve greater success. Marriott’s expert event management team can guide you through every step of the process. Contact our event team today for more details.