5 Ways To Use Social Media To Boost Your Event

Showcase your next event with these 5 promotion ideas

5 Ways To Use Social Media To Boost Your Event

Social media outreach continues to be an invaluable promotional resource for the meetings industry. According to the Pew Research Center, over 69 percent of adults use some form of social media to connect with the important individuals and events in their lives. For event planners, it’s easier than ever to use social media to boost excitement prior to a meeting and stay connected with attendees afterward. Try any of these social media event marketing tips to showcase your next event.


Each social network generates its own algorithm to determine how and when audiences interact with its platform. Although many people are unfamiliar with them, paying attention to these algorithms can seriously impact how your audience engages with your social media content. Stay ahead of the curve by researching the best times to post to your platforms to increase key metrics like engagement, views and clicks. However, not all algorithms are created equal: Casual platforms such as Facebook offer a boost around 9 a.m., but on professional sites such as LinkedIn, save the best stuff for your evening commute (around 5 p.m.).


The right hashtag can make a sizable impact in audience attendance and engagement. Research popular hashtags in industries related to your event and observe how your audience communicates with each other on platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Keep track of banned hashtags or keywords that aren’t easily searchable.

Consider creating a customized hashtag so your audience can easily access and share important information or content. Share images with your event’s official hashtag and encourage attendees to follow along for event updates. Try to pick a memorable hashtag that is easy to clarify; if your event is an annual affair, for example, add the year to the hashtag to avoid confusion (think #YourBigEvent2018, for example). Engage with guests using the hashtag to drum up excitement and build relationships before your event launches.


Video social content can generate a significant amount of shares, sometimes even more so than text and images. To boost your ROI, consider tapping into native or livestreaming video as the ultimate algorithm hack. Video marketing alone can increase engagement, but it doesn’t hurt that most social media platforms have begun to prioritize native video content. Even if you don’t have the perfect film crew, a simple video (no more than two minutes long) can lead to a healthy increase in engagement.


Customized Instagram emojis are an excellent way to engage with customers, increase brand awareness and add bespoke flair to your posts. Attendees can use your emojis when discussing the upcoming event over social media, promoting a sense of exclusivity. Generate buzz, share your event’s location or exquisite features, and communicate real-time information.


Scheduling shareworthy content in advance (like live videos that feature guest speakers) can help free up your time during the event, making it much easier to engage with your audience throughout the day. Use social marketing automation tools like HootsuiteBuffer or Sprout Social to schedule at least one post per hour in between your live updates.