Five Ways To Activate Instagrammable Moments At Your Event

Crafting shareable moments has become a crucial part of event planning

Five Ways To Activate Instagrammable Moments At Your Event

You can tell a lot about an event by the moments shared online, and crafting shareable moments has become a crucial part of event planning.

The 2018 Marriott International APEC General Managers’ Summit, held at the Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park, was a great example of an event worth capturing. Reimagined coffee breaks and meals delivered buzzworthy experiences, inviting attendees to snap and share the event’s visuals and atmosphere. The three-day event generated a high volume of social content—over 200 posts—with a social reach of over 152,000 views!

Here are five key takeaways from the summit on how to bring the perfect moments to life:

01 Authentic Food and Beverage

From locally inspired displays to mouthwatering treats, food and beverage continues to be a top source for Instagram moments. The APAC General Managers’ Summit created an unforgettable moment worth capturing by inviting local family members of the hotel associates to showcase their favorite traditional Thai family recipes. The family-style Thai lunch created an authentic experience, engaging both the community and guests.

instagrammable food and beverage

02 Design-Inspired Installations

A truly photogenic scene, the “Haute Cuisine Meets Haute Couture” afternoon break at the summit paid tribute to the soaring luxury industry in Asia and Marriott’s own exceptional luxury brands. This break invited guests to indulge in a beautiful, lush experience filled with high-end food and fashion. A series of stunning mini pop-ups was visually inspired by Gucci’s spring and summer bold color-block concept. Each pop-up featured immaculate displays of delicacies, served by Marriott’s artisan chefs and staged in front of stylish backdrops and mood lighting.

03 Wellness Focus

In line with a booming trend among the Instagram community, one coffee break led participants to walk through a world of wellness. An in-house banquet hall was bathed in a Zen-inspired white palette and populated with health-focused offerings, including spa sessions, massages, plant therapy, tai chi lessons, protein pots and a kombucha tea café.

04 Lights and Action

Atmospheric lighting and fog piqued curiosity and interest at the “Haute Cuisine Meets Haute Couture” break session, which closed with a special live runway fashion show featuring local designers. The audience could not refrain from pulling out their smartphones to capture the meaningful moment. Based on the post-event survey results, this afternoon break was the most loved!

JW Marriott Hotel Hanoi

05 Audio Up

Unexpected, surprising scenes make for engaging video content. Inspired by the concept of “going local,” one imaginative afternoon tea break immersed guests in a cultural experience. The hotel’s carpark was converted into a local street market. A flash mob welcomed guests to an authentic scene of mini food stalls, artists, street bikes and hawker-style refreshments. The sounds of street-style drummers, as well as the visually intriguing elements (including graffiti art), all played a part in delivering a sense of Bangkok that the audience would always remember.


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