How To Plan An Event Like An Avenger

Think like a superhero: Take your event planning to the next level with inspiration from the Avengers

You don’t need to be a superhero to launch the perfect event—but it doesn’t hurt to think like one. With the highly-anticipated AvengersEndgame headed to theaters, the ground is paved for you to harness the powers of Marvel’s most popular superheroes. Check out these tips on planning an event like your favorite Avenger.

Target Your Audience Like Hawkeye

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), master archer and former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Hawkeye is known for his incredible ability to hit moving targets hundreds of miles away. Think like the legendary marksman by setting your sights on your target audience. By determining your ideal audience, you can effectively improve engagement, attendance and the overall event experience.

Define your ideal attendee by first deciding the purpose of your meeting. Research similar events to gather ideas on who should attend and what they should take away from your event. What does your preferred audience look like? What do they do for work? Where do they work? Are they local or out of town? What are their interests and their pain points? How do they relate to one another (if at all)? Review each question to better define your target audience, then create a guest list of possible attendees who meet your criteria.

Plan Like Iron Man

The MCU’s undisputed genius, Iron Man (Tony Stark) uses his technology and techniques to gain the upper hand over foes of any size. But even before he first donned The Suit, Stark was known for launching thousands of innovative, large-scale projects that transformed the world around him. How did he do it? With his Stark Industries team, of course. Take a tip from Tony: Lean on your team when brainstorming and executing events. Don’t be afraid to delegate important tasks to other members when trying to juggle responsibilities. Seek out team members with specific specialties, talents or skills that can play a role in the event. Is someone on your team excellent at set design or audiovisual setup? Does that one assistant know way too much about video editing or DJing? It’s time to tap into your secret weapon for a top-tier event.

Lead Like Captain America

As the de facto leader of the Avengers, Captain America unites superheroes across the Marvel universe by harnessing their strengths and playing to their personalities. You need your stellar team behind you, but it’s up to you to know when and how to take the lead. As a head event planner, you may be responsible for certain logistics, like filing paperwork for permits or conference rooms, selecting the perfect venue, securing guests, booking transportation and much more. Stay on top of your team by delegating tasks when you can, managing projects behind the scenes, and dealing with issues immediately and effectively.

Adapt Like Black Widow

An expert tactician, Black Widow uses her sharp reflexes and espionage background to thwart foes with ease. Though she may always have a plan, she doesn’t mind a little improvisation. Sometimes factors outside of our control can impact the success of our event—like poor weather, emergency situations, a missing or delayed guest, or even faulty set design. Plan ahead where you can, but don’t hesitate to switch things up. Keep a backup plan handy for poor weather, work with your venue to devise an emergency exit plan, and set aside a budget for those last-minute emergencies. With a little preparation, you can take on any challenge.

No matter your planning style, it doesn’t take much to produce a safe and successful event. Add a twist to your production process with any of our tips to deliver an event as exciting as the Avengers in 2018.

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