Insta Worthy Moments at Your Next Event

Insta Worthy Moments at Your Next Event Phuket Marriott Resort & Spa Nai Yang Beach

Gone are the days when corporate events are stilted and take a mundane form with basic formalities and lackluster décor. As with all kinds of events, corporate events also need a “WOW” factor to make an impression on attendees and create an unforgettable experience.

This is why crafting shareable, Instagram-able moments is becoming more and more key to set your event apart from the rest. Not only could it allow you to take the audience engagement to the next level and bring the best experiences, it could also entice them to share the event on digital media which in turn helps promote your brand. Read on for tips and examples on how to create Insta-worthy moments at your next event!


#1 Set the Scene

Creative lighting design and effects for a futuristic and grand feeling
Creative lighting design and effects for a futuristic and grand feeling

Getting the venue perfectly set with the right ambience and lighting is the first step to creating Insta-worthy moments at your event. This will create perfect conditions for fantastic shots and help build up anticipation of a mind-blowing experience for the attendees right from the moment they step into the venue.

Create well-lit spaces where attendees can take amazing and high-quality photos, regardless of an indoor or outdoor event. Places that are too dark or have weird lighting will be off-putting for them to snap and post a photo on the platform. 

Include one to two eye-catching design elements. You could also set a design theme for the event that creates emotional touchpoints for the attendees.

A shimmering winter wonderland complete with glowing snowballs and winter huts
Create warm ambience with the use of soft lighting effects

Themed on “Winter Wonderland”, this event at the JW Marriott Hotel Macau made great use of lights in different forms. By decorating the venue with cluster fairy lights, the organizers successfully created an indoor winter wonderland not only for a great experiential event but also Insta-worthy moments.

Opt for a canopy made with draping fairy light strings
Pick a color scheme or palette to create a mood or feel

For more intimate and outdoor occasions, take inspiration from the team at Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa Nai Yang Beach. Booking an outdoor venue does not necessarily mean you have no control of the ambience. Make use of the versatile fairy lights to create a marquee for the event and add candles for extra lighting. Pick a color scheme for the event with matching tableware and furniture that is cohesive to the event theme and overall vibes you wish to convey. 


#2 Create Photo Moments

Renaissance Hong Kong Harbour View Hotel
Renaissance Hong Kong Harbour View Hotel

Memorable backdrops and themed props that instantly draw the attention of the attendees will provide great photo moments. They can be anything from beautiful flowers to a stunning skyline to unique installations. They should be designed large and vivid enough so that they could catch the eyes of the attendees. Consider placing them in breakout areas or at the entrance so that the attendees will have sufficient time for photos while interacting with one another.

Neon light installations to create chic photo moments
Traditional Ramayana statues as part of the venue decor
Floral decoration inspired by flower offerings in Thai temples and street markets

Taken inspiration from the traditional Thai night market, Renaissance Bangkok Ratchaprasong Hotel put together night market street food booths, complemented with neon lights to give a feeling of modernity. It also serves as a great example of utilizing cultural elements to create a nostalgic feeling and arouse curiosity among attendees for irresistible shots and an unforgettable event experience.

Backdrop inspired by old Hong Kong as a fishing village
Colonial Hong Kong backdrop
A master of dragon beard candy performing the traditional art of candy making

Similarly, the team at Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel & Towers has created backdrops that replicated old Hong Kong scenes, with live demonstrations of traditional arts being performed publicly. This helped the attendees better understand the culture of the host destination while creating opportunities for conversation and photography.


#3 Use Wall Space Creatively

Make use of existing wall spaces at the event venue
A welcome reception showcasing local culture and cuisines

Instead of creating something entirely new, you could utilize wall space creatively and turn it into another Insta-worthy moment. There are many opportunities to transform a space into an Instagram-able environment, such as projection, murals and a signing wall. 

Located close to the hotel’s meeting space, a corridor at the JW Marriott Hotel Hanoi with white walls on the sides has been creatively transformed into a new visually-striking mural painted with the country’s iconic water Dragon. This helped create an impressive arrival experience with local charm. This animated wall space is now being hosted as a welcome reception, serving guests with Vietnamese street food.

Create Instagram-able photo opportunities setting up a signing wall
Create Instagram-able photo opportunities setting up a signing wall

A signing wall, like the one created by Four Points by Sheraton Danang, is a great Instagram-able photo opportunity for selfies and group pictures. The attendees are given an opportunity to leave their marks in the event in the form of comments or wishes. This will also make them feel like a part of the event, and help create a unique and highly engaging experience. 


#4 Put Efforts in Catering Presentation

Hotpot-themed catering at Renaissance Shanghai Zhongshan Park Hotel
Innovative Asian tapas at JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach

Food is a top source for Instagram moments. It is not enough to simply cook and serve scrumptious dishes. Creative food presentation has been playing an increasingly important role in drawing the attendees’ attention in the event. Consider incorporating fun and quirky food stations in your event. You could also consider putting together niche food bars and make-your-own options. Providing a behind-the-scene experience of food-making would also work wonders on tuning up the attendees’ engagement.

Let your guests watch how the food is made with a back of house experience
DIY salad bar in the hotel’s kitchen
The kitchen serves as a unique venue choice

Behind-the-scene moments are one of the unique ways to draw the attention of curious minds and thus provide an excellent Instagram-able photo moment. Marriott Hotel Manila can turn catering into a back-of-house experience, asking the attendees to make their own options of panini and salad while showing them how the food was made behind the scene. This also allowed for greater engagement and interaction among attendees.

Tropical beach-inspired catering
Lively food booth with vendors in themed costumes

Inspired by the tropical beach, the catering team from W Guangzhou splashed vivid colors into the presentation of food and beverages, with waiters and waitresses dressed in beach-themed attires. The combination of vibrant colors and the lively food booths with vendors dressing in traditional costumes successfully created irresistible Instagram-able photo moments.


#5 Entertain Your Attendees  

Mermaid show at JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach
Mermaid show at JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach

Visually arresting entertainments are incredible Instagram-able photo opportunities. From aerial arts to fire to freak shows, entertainments can be customized to suit any theme and will make everyone hard to resist the urge to document notable and queer skills with photos and videos. 

To make it more engaging and memorable, consider injecting a dose of personalization or some kind of interactive elements such as a live DJ or dance session. Surprising your attendees with a special guest, announcement or contest will also keep them on the edge of their seats and make them want to share it online.

Flair bartending at W Guangzhou
Live DJ spinning records to get the party started
Engage your attendees with workshops

From bartender performing nail-biting fire tricks to stretching sessions, W Guangzhou knows how to create countless opportunities for photos, videos and Instagram stories. They were also very interactive in nature, as all of the attendees were involved in the actions which would be great for team building and networking purposes.

Live kitchen or cooking demonstrations are visually-powerful elements to add to your event
Fire entertainment on stage
Even small-scale fireworks can work wonders in wooing your guests

Another event held at Four Points by Sheraton Danang celebrating the hotel’s first anniversary consisted of a series of exciting performances, including fireworks and fire entertainments. This event succeeded in providing a memorable experience and engaging the attendees by creating visually-impactful, Instagram-able moments.



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