The Future of Meetings & Events Report 

The Future of Meetings & Events Report 

The event industry is reshaping, and consumer behaviors are shifting rapidly. To keep up with customer satisfaction and expectations, it is now more than ever, the key to success for event planners to stay ahead of the trends. To get a better grasp of emerging event and meeting trends, Marriott International, together with our collaborating partners, had conducted a study to identify these trends and their impacts on the event organizers, attendees, and venue.



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    Biodegradable meeting spaces, artificial intelligence and serendipity are predicted to play a significant role in the future of meetings and business events. Industry leaders discussed emerging trends in events and meetings in the report supported by Marriott International in collaboration with PCMA.

    Marriott’s “Future of Meetings & Events” report identified five trends with the potential to dramatically disrupt the business events industry in the next few years.


    The five trends identified are:

     Emotional Intelligence: How to design events with the end-user in mind.

     Orchestrated Serendipity: Engineering unexpected, but meaningful moments.

     Multi-modal design: Creating adaptive spaces— biodegradable, 3D-printed.

     Bigger than Oneself: Think social impact, sustainability and meaningful.

     Clear Sense of Place: Leveraging the surroundings where business events are held.


    Find out what these trends mean to you as a business event strategist and your potential clients today!