The Mobile Food Experience

The Mobile Food Experience

Food is something that brings people together, but these days, fewer and fewer events involve a formal sit-down meal. As many meetings transition to being more mobile—that is, more active—food offerings are getting more mobile along with them. After all, if people are on the go at your event, the food you serve should be mobile, too.

Interactive food stations allow bite-sized options that lend themselves to portable eating. These small setups give attendees the opportunity to explore your meeting while indulging, which ultimately offers more availability to engage with other aspects of your event. Here are a few other reasons to consider ditching traditional meeting meals for table-free dining options:

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01 Food stations allow you to maximize food options

One of the biggest downsides of a curated menu is that nobody has the same taste buds, which means that the dishes you serve might not be as appetizing to one guest as they are to another. Food stations open up the menu to many different dishes, as well as many different flavors and spices, so guests can curate their own plates.

To keep your offerings mobile, consider capitalizing on the street food trend, as those bite-sized offerings were created with the intention of being eaten on the go. And with so many varieties around the world, you’ll give guests ample taste and texture options.

Additionally, because everyone has different dietary restrictions, serving up a variety of dishes also means creating food for everyone. For example, think about offering gluten-free and vegan options to ensure that people with select diets can still find something suitable to eat at your event.

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02 Food stations show attendees that you value them

“Personalization” might seem like a planning buzzword, but it’s quickly becoming an industry standard. And for good reason: It engages guests and makes them feel valued, which leaves them with a positive impression that lasts long after the event is over.

Short of hiring a personal chef for every attendee, it’s hard to think of a way to personalize food more than allowing guests to cherry-pick their own meal.

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03 Food stations keep meetings more casual and less intimidating

For some attendees, meetings on a larger scale can be anxiety-inducing. Sit-down dinners can put the pressure on to make great conversation, and that setup can leave introverted guests feeling uncomfortable.

Contrast that with food stations, which promote a more casual experience, as they force attendees away from a set table to leisurely walking from one station to another to create their plates. For events focused on networking, for example, this offers attendees the chance to scope out the venue and people there.


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