Tips for planning multiday events

A three-day event can be three times the work—but it’s worth it

Tips for planning multiday events

Coordinating a one-day event presents plenty of challenges, as any planner knows. So when an event spans two or more days, the possibility of roadblocks increases—but so does the possibility of creating deeper connections among your guests, and greater success for your clients.

Multiday events with a cohesive, natural flow will maintain engagement and create a lasting experience that aligns with your clients’ visions. Read on to learn tips for keeping that tempo over the course of the event.

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Choose the Right Venue

A suitable ambiance in a gorgeous location never hurts a meeting’s chance of success, and it’s even more important when it comes to events that span more than one day. Beautiful surroundings will help keep attendees in a receptive frame of mind, making them ultimately more responsive to business opportunities. Look for a venue that, in addition to being visually attractive, has a variety of meeting rooms so that the smaller gatherings within the full event don’t have a repetitive feel. One great example is the JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach, which features 20 event rooms with a unique balance of heritage and modern style. The array of amenities, huge ballroom, and accommodation availability promotes flexibility and convenience, and it features stylish spaces that speak volumes about your professionalism. Venues with this level of refined luxury are a practical choice for multiday events, as food, lodgings and after-hours leisure activities are attended to.

Make Each Day Distinct

Although it’s important that each individual element is interconnected to form a cohesive whole, every day and night should also be distinct. If every day has the same air to it, you risk a staleness that won’t create memories for your audience. Stick to an overarching theme, but assign each day a different aspect of that theme. For example, if the theme for the whole event is Back to School, consider focusing one day on “homework” by making that the day attendees receive handouts and gift bags with pencils and the like, and make the next day’s theme “pop quiz” by incorporating interactive quiz-style games into the day’s events. This will help each day of the event feel unique, ensuring your attendees don’t get bored. When collaborating with your creative partners, make sure they’re able to adapt to the desired tone of each day so they can effectively fulfill your objectives.

Take a Break

Multiday events can leave guests prone to burnout, so planners need to pay particular attention to the flow of this type of meeting. Frequent breaks allow guests to re-energize and restore concentration levels for the all-important conferences. Give attendees plenty of downtime so their brains can have a rest; consider incorporating longer-than-usual breaks into the agenda so attendees have a chance to walk around or take a short nap. Try organizing local activities between business functions to avoid losing the “wow” factor your multiday event offers. Engagement will increase as a result, because people can regain their heightened sense of attentiveness.

Collaborate with Your Team

When you have a strong team behind you where everyone is on the same page, you can fulfill your business goals with optimal efficiency. With the right balance of experience, your team can oversee various aspects of your event, coordinated by a leader with expertise and leadership. Because you can’t be there all the time, you’ll need a team of adaptable, confident individuals you can rely on and delegate to, so it’s paramount to employ a team you can trust.

Multiday events are a great way to engage clients and business partners alike while creating brand awareness through creativity. It is a challenging prospect that requires even more effort than usual, but it can leave attendees with a lasting impression. Be prepared for every eventuality—and relish the excitement of planning a unique series of events.